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West European Studies

Minor in West European Studies

Students take one core course in political science, and a total of four elective courses selected from the social sciences and humanities, along with a language, to complete the minor. Students must meet with the West European studies academic advisor to apply for acceptance.

Required Courses

 Students must complete the following:

  1. W301 or POLS Y335 or Y350.
  2. One W405 or cross-listed equivalent.
  3. One W406 or cross-listed equivalent.
  4. Two additional West European Studies courses, or cross-listed equivalents.
  5. Four semesters of a West European language or equivalent.

With the approval of the undergraduate advisor, students may use one approved Topics course (COLL E103 or E104) to fulfill requirement 4 above. A list of current cross-listed courses is available through the advisor.