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The African Studies Program (AFRI) provides unique opportunities for students on the Indiana University Bloomington campus to study with distinguished faculty members, meet with visiting Africanists from all over the world, learn African languages, and use the outstanding facilities of the Wells Library, the Archives of Traditional Music, and the Art Museum. The program has both regional and subject-area concentrations in which faculty conduct research and offer courses. Regularly offered language courses include Akan, Arabic, Bamana, Swahili, Wolof, and Zulu. Tutorial sections in other African languages are provided as student need requires and as funding is available.

Undergraduate students can earn a Certificate in African Studies by completing a flexible course of study designed to fit their individual interests and needs. A certificate is more rigorous than a minor, showing potential employers and graduate schools that students have completed a comprehensive course of study in an important world region. A Certificate in African Studies also complements a major in many departments and professional schools throughout the university. Recognition that a student has earned a certificate appears on the transcript along with the student's major department. The certificate is awarded upon graduation from Indiana University.

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