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Mathematics explores patterns in numbers, space, nature, music, science, and art. Its precise language facilitates qualitative and quantitative analysis of these patterns, and often connects them with completely unexpected areas of application. A math degree prepares a student for a mathematical research career or for graduate or professional school in statistics, medicine, law, or the natural sciences. Mathematicians work in actuarial science, in education, and in a wide array of government and business-related organizations which seek out creative and disciplined analytic thinkers. Mathematics underpins the natural and life sciences, economics, and computer science, and affords dynamic double-degree opportunities.

The honors course S212 is available for students of outstanding ability (credit for M211 and consent of department required). Particularly well-prepared students may take the accelerated course M213, which covers the material of M211 and M212 in one semester (consent of department required).

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

High school students who have taken the CEEB Advanced Placement Program mathematics examinations will be awarded credit as follows: A score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB exam earns a student 4 credits of M211. A score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC exam earns a student 4 credits of M211 and 4 credits of M212. Special credit will be awarded with the grade of S.

Credit by Examination

Credit for M118, M119, M211, M212, and certain other courses may be obtained by passing an examination administered by the mathematics department with a grade of at least a B. Special credit will be awarded with the grade of S.

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