Departments & Programs

Speech and Hearing Sciences

Major with a Concentration in Speech-Language Pathology—B.A.

Required Courses 

Students must complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences and the following:

1. SPHS-S 110 or S115.

2. SPHS-S 111, S275, S333.

3. LING-L 103 or L303.

4. PSY-P 101-P102 or P151-P152 or P106, or P155.

5. PSY-K 300.

6. SPHS-S 201.

7. One of the following course sequences to fulfill course work in the area of acoustics:

  • S302 and PHYS P105 or
  • S319 and PHYS P105.

8. SPHS S375 or S478.

9. Two courses from the following: SPHS S311, S430, S461, S473.

10. Two courses from the following: SPHS S307, S420, S436, S444, S445.

A minimum of 14 credit hours of course work must be taken to satisfy requirements 8, 9, and 10.