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Jewish Studies

Minor in Hebrew

Note: A student must earn a grade of C or higher in Modern Hebrew to move on to the next semester's Hebrew course.

Required Courses

Students must complete the following:

  1. Six courses in Hebrew language and/or literature (Modern or Biblical Hebrew) for a minimum of 20 credit hours. (Students transferring first year language course credit may be eligible to complete the minor with a minimum of 18 credit hours.)
  2. At least four courses must be Hebrew language courses.
  3. At least two courses must be at or above the 300 level. These two upper-level courses, which cannot be fulfilled through language testing or transfer credit, must be related in content to Hebrew but need not be language courses per se. These two upper-level courses cannot be counted toward either the Jewish Studies major or the certificate in Jewish Studies. Students interested in pursuing study of courses related to Biblical Hebrew might also (with the approval of the Jewish Studies advisor) choose to take upper-level courses in rabbinic and biblical literature taught by Jewish Studies faculty.
  4. A minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.300 is required in the minor.
  5. At least three of the courses must be completed on the Bloomington campus. Up to three courses may be credited toward the minor from language testing and transfer credit or study abroad.
  6. Each student's course work must be approved by the Jewish Studies advisor to assure a coherent program of study.
  7. A student majoring in Hebrew through the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures may not also earn a minor in Hebrew.