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Jewish Studies

Area Certificate in Jewish Studies


The certificate program gives students pursuing degrees outside the College of Arts and Sciences, or pursuing B.S. or B.A. degrees within the College of Arts and Sciences, an opportunity to gain a broad-based knowledge of Jewish studies. Students in the School of Journalism may complete their second concentration by completing the Jewish Studies certificate. Students in the Kelley School of Business may work toward a global studies and languages field specialization or arts and social services field specialization by completing the Jewish Studies certificate. Students in the Jacobs School of Music may complete the certificate along with a Bachelor of Music or as an outside field with a Bachelor of Science in Music.

Required Courses

Students must complete a minimum of eight courses with a minimum grade of C– distributed as follows:

  1. Two courses in each of the three major areas of Jewish studies: Literature and the Arts; History and Society; and Religion and Thought. Two courses of Hebrew and/or Yiddish language instruction at the 200 level or higher may be substituted for two courses in one of the major areas.
  2. Two additional courses chosen, in any combination, from these three major areas or from Hebrew and/or Yiddish language courses.

Students wishing to participate in the certificate program must register with the advisor in Jewish Studies. Appointments may be arranged by calling (812) 855-0453.

A student must complete a minimum of 10 credit hours of course work (language testing is not acceptable) in Jewish studies on the Bloomington campus. A maximum of three courses may be credited toward the certificate from either language testing or from transfer credit from universities other than The Hebrew University (via IU Overseas Study Program).