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Interdepartmental Minor in Economics and Political Science


The interdepartmental minor in political science and economics introduces students to important issues in both the public and private sectors.

Required Courses

Students must meet the following course requirements for a total of 18 credit hours.

  1. Economics E201, E202, and one additional economics course (E175, E370, E496, and Y398 cannot be used to meet this requirement.)
  2. One course chosen from Political Science Y204, Y205, Y210, Y303, Y394, or Y405
  3. Another 6 credit hours in political science in courses not used in numbers 1 or 2 above chosen from Y200, Y202, Y204, Y205, Y210, Y301–Y308, Y326, Y343, Y346, Y349, Y350, Y376, Y394, Y401, Y405, Y481, Y490, or Y499. (Y200 or Y401 may be repeated for credit for a maximum of 9 credit hours total of those two courses. No other courses may be repeated for credit.)

Note: This minor is not available to students choosing a major in economics or political science. The interdepartmental minor in Political Science and Economics is also not available to students choosing a minor in political science or a minor in economics.