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Minor in Astronomy and Astrophysics

A program leading to a minor in astronomy and astrophysics is provided for students who have a serious interest in the field but do not plan to major in the subject. To obtain a minor in astronomy and astrophysics, a student must take the following courses: two 100-level astronomy courses (all combinations are acceptable except A100 and A110, or A105 and A110) A221, A222, and one of A305, A320, A451, A452, or A453. Altogether, these provide at least 17 credit hours. A student must take all necessary prerequisites, including some mathematics and physics classes. Substitution of other astronomy courses may be made with the permission of the department. Replacement of 100-level astronomy courses by 300- or 400-level astronomy courses is encouraged. The cumulative GPA of all courses taken for the minor must be at least 2.000.