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Major in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Students must complete the following fundamental skills and distribution requirements for the B.S. in Astronomy and Astrophysics: 

  1. Writing, same as the general requirements for the B.A. degree.
  2. Foreign language, 3 credit hours (or the equivalent) at or above the second-year level. French, Spanish, German, or Russian is normally required.
  3. Two courses in arts and humanities.
  4. Two courses in social and historical studies.
  5. Two courses in natural and mathematical sciences, fulfilled by major.

Students must complete the following requirements for the major:

  1. Mathematics M211, M212, M311, and M343.
  2. Physics P221-P222, P301, P331-P332, and two of P441, P442, P453, or P454.
  3. Astronomy A221-A222, A305, and two 400-level astronomy courses other than S499.

Students must also complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. 


The following additional physics courses are highly recommended for students planning graduate study in astronomy and astrophysics: P321, P340, P460, and an additional 400-level sequence (P441-P442 or P453-P454). Other suggested courses are Physics P309, P400; Mathematics M312, M344; Computer Science A201-A202 or C211-C212; Geological Sciences G121; History and Philosophy of Science X222, X390, X391; Chemistry C117, C118.