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Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

Certificate in Fashion Design


A student may earn a certificate as part of completing the bachelor's degree and in addition to completing the requirements for a major. The Fashion Design Certificate serves students seeking to explore the studio arts of fashion. Students completing the certificate will be prepared for a variety of careers in the fashion industry (such as fashion design, technical design, and costume design as well as graduate work in, for example, museum studies, costume design, and collection management).


Students pursuing the Fashion Design Certificate must complete 27 credit hours, including F202, F203, F207, F213, F217, F303, F305, F417, either F311 or F340, and one course from the following: F306, F325, F328, and F408. Any course taken to satisfy the requirements of the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of C–, and the grade point average of all courses taken in the certificate must be at least 2.000.

Note: The Fashion Design Certificate course work begins in the fall of each academic year. Contact the academic advisor 6–12 months in advance to discuss admission. Only two courses for a maximum of 6 credit hours can be simultaneously counted toward both the Apparel Merchandising B.S. and the Fashion Design Certificate.