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Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

Apparel Merchandising—B.S.

The apparel merchandising program offers students a comprehensive examination of merchandising as it relates to the retailing industry of tomorrow. Course work includes product basics as well as current industry trends, coupled with a special minor from the Kelley School of Business. Students are encouraged to select a series of related topics from within the AMID courses in order to construct an apparel concentration in either merchandising or fashion design.

Students in apparel merchandising can prepare for a variety of careers in retail buying, retail management, product development, consumer services, visual merchandising, fashion design, fashion promotion, retail account coordination, wholesale sales, brand management, merchandising management, sourcing, product manufacturing, and merchandise analysis.


Any course taken to satisfy the requirements of the major must be completed with a minimum grade of C–, and the grade point average of all courses taken in the major must be at least 2.000. Students may not enroll in any corequisite lab/lecture course in interior design until they are eligible to enroll in the respective corequisite studio course. Course prerequisites and corequisites will be strictly upheld.

Students must complete the following fundamental skills and distribution requirements:

  1. Writing, same as B.A.
  2. Mathematics, one course from the following: M118, M119, or equivalent. Higher level courses may be substituted.
  3. Foreign language, two years of one language, or one year of foreign language and two culture studies courses.
  4. Arts and humanities, 12 credit hours.
  5. Social and historical studies, 12 credit hours.
  6. Natural and mathematical sciences, 8 credit hours.
  7. One Topics course

Students must complete the following requirements for the major:

  • Apparel merchandising majors must complete a total of 32 AMID credit hours, including AMID R100, F203, R204 or F207, R315, R404, R413 and R440; plus 13 credit hours of 300- to 400-level AMID electives from F301, F311, F340, F352, F406, F411, R308, R309, R316, R319, R321, R327, R328, R409, R410, R412, R450, and R490.

Apparel merchandising majors must also complete selected courses outside AMID, including:

  1. Business K201 or Computer Science A110, Economics E201 and E202, Psychological and Brain Sciences P101, and Sociology S100.
  2. Kelley School of Business courses: A200 and M300, L201 or Z302, M311 and M312, X420 or Arts and Sciences Career Services (ASCS) Q299.

Only two courses for a maximum of 6 credit hours can be simultaneously counted toward both the Apparel Merchandising B.S. and the Fashion Design Certificate.

Supervised internships are available.