Degree Requirements

Fundamental Skills Requirement


Students must demonstrate mastery of a fundamental skill in mathematics, which is defined as a level of proficiency equivalent to three years of high school math. This proficiency is needed for study in many courses throughout the College of Arts and Sciences curriculum. Students may demonstrate mastery of a fundamental skill in mathematics in any one of the following ways:
  1. Earning a minimum math test score of 650 on the SAT exam or 29 on the ACT exam.
  2. Completing MATH M025 (A025) or MATH M027 with a minimum grade of C–. (Note that MATH M025 [A025] and MATH M027 do not carry hours of credit toward a degree program in the College.)
  3. Completing with a minimum grade of C– or being exempted from MATH A118, M118, M119, M211, M213, D116 and D117 (both courses must be successfully completed), or mathematics courses that directly presuppose the fundamental skill proficiency.
  4. Earning appropriate scores on CEEB Advanced Placement tests in calculus or through departmental examinations. Students who pass a departmentally administered examination may be eligible for special credit. For information about applying for these credit hours, refer to “Credit by Examination” in the section of this Bulletin entitled "Policies & Procedures."

Students entering the College who have scored below 400 on the SAT mathematics section or below 20 on the ACT mathematics sections are advised to enroll in MATH M014 before fulfilling the mathematics requirement.

Students with incomplete records can take a placement test administered by the Department of Mathematics.