Degree Requirements

Chart: Requirements and Credit Hours—B.A.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for a major, students pursuing a B.A. must also complete fundamental skills, distribution, and culture studies requirements. (Fundamental skills requirements encompass writing, foreign language, and math). Students must also complete a Topics course. Requirements completed in one area may, under certain conditions, also fulfill requirements in other areas. Finally, students may test out of all but 3 credit hours (Intensive Writing) of the fundamental skills requirement. The requirement for the major ranges from 25–42 credit hours, depending on the major.

The following chart depicts the credit hours required to fulfill a B.A. degree:

Fundamental Skillls Requirements   Credit Hours
    English Composition            3
    Intensive Writing            3
Foreign Language    
    Four-semester sequence     10–18
Mathematics        0–4
Distribution Requirement    
Arts and Humanities (four courses)          12
Social and Historical Studies (four courses)          12
Natural and Mathematical Sciences (four courses)     12–20
Culture Studies Requirement    
Two courses from List A or one course from List A and one course from List B            6
Topics Requirement            3
Major Concentration     25–42
Electives       2–61
Total Credit Hours        122
(including a minimum of 100 credit hours inside the College)