O'Neill Bloomington

Application Eligibility
Admission to O'Neill Bloomington’s undergraduate programs is by application. Students are eligible to apply when they have successfully completed Common Ground requirements in English Composition and Mathematical Modelling (by earning at least the minimum grade required of IUB students to satisfy the requirement) and completed at least 12 credit hours. Students above 75 credit hours are eligible for admission, but must make an appointment with a Pre-SPEA advisor and have attained at least a 2.300 cumulative GPA.

Competitive Admission
Admission is a competitive process. The admissions committee will consider a student’s application statement, cumulative GPA, grade trends, credit hours completed, GPA in the student’s intended SPEA major, and any other relevant information about a student’s case.

No student will be admitted if their SPEA major GPA is below the minimum standard for graduation in their intended major at the time of application. SPEA major GPA’s are calculated for any student with at least 12 credit hours completed in their intended major. Current SPEA major GPA graduation standards are listed in the following table:

Degree Major            
Major GPA for Graduation
Bachelor of Science
in Public Affairs
Management 2.300
Public Management & Leadership 2.300
Nonprofit Management & Leadership 2.300
Human Resource Management 2.300
Environmental Management 2.300
Public Financial Management 2.300
Policy Analysis 2.300
Law & Public Affairs 2.700

Bachelor of Science in
Healthcare Management
& Policy

Healthcare Management & Policy 2.300
Bachelor of Science
in Arts Management
Arts Management 2.300
Degree Major GPA for Admission Major GPA for Graduation

Bachelor of Science in
Environmental Science

Environmental Science 2.300 2.000

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies major is managed by the College of Arts and Sciences (see for application and admission information).

Direct Admission to SPEA Bloomington

Students directly admitted into SPEA out of high school will get a jump start on their SPEA careers by bypassing SPEA's traditional admissions process, receiving special consideration for scholarship opportunities and for participation in the Civic Leaders Living-Learning Center, and having access to SPEA advisors as soon as they arrive on campus. This early planning will ensure that O'Neill Direct Admits are well positioned to take advantage of special opportunities, like our Washington Leadership Program, Accelerated Master's Program, and O'Neill Study Abroad programs. Students who have been accepted to IU are eligible for direct admission to O'Neill if they have indicated an interest in a SPEA major on their application at IU, have earned a minimum 1290 SAT or 27 ACT score, and rank within the top 15% of their high school class.

Academic Bulletins

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