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Cognitive Science



Peter M. Todd*, (Provost Professor, Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences; and Informatics).

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Robert L. Goldstone*, Robert Nosofsky*, Eliot Smith*, Linda Smith *, David B. Pisoni*

College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Comparative Literature, Director, Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition

Douglas R. Hofstadter*

Distinguished Professor

Ellen D. Ketterson, Biology and Gender Studies, Annie Lang Media School

Distinguished Professor and Luther Dana Waterman Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Richard M. Shiffrin*

Distinguished Professor, Provost Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Jerome Busemeyer*, Olaf Sporns*

W.K. Estes Professor

Michael N. Jones* (Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Provost's Professor

Randall Beer* (Cognitive Science; School of Informatics and Computing), Fritz Breithaupt (Cognitive Science, Germanic Studies), Jonathan Crystal* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), John Kruschke* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Eleanor Cox Riggs Professor

Aina Puce* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

James H. Rudy Professor

Bennett Bertenthal* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Stanley Was­serman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Sociology, Statistics)

Ruth N. Halls Professor 

Victor H. Yngve Professor

Katy Borner* (Distinguished Professor of Engineering & Information Sciences) 


John Beggs* (Physics), Geoffrey Bingham* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Johan Bollen* (School of Informatics and Computing), Joshua W. Brown* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Thomas A. Busey* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Rowan Candy* (Optometry), Isabelle Darcy (Second Language Studies), Kenneth de Jong* (Linguistics,), Hamid Ekbia*(School of Informatics and Computing, Information and Library Sciences), Santo Fortunato (School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering ) Steven Franks* (Linguistics, Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures), Judith Gierut* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Jason Gold* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Amit Hagar* (History and Philosophy of Science Medicine), Thomas W. James* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Sandra Kuebler* (Computational Linguistics, David Leake* (Computer Science), Jennifer Lentz* (Speech and Hearing Sciences),  Lawrence Moss* (Mathematics), Christena Nippert-Eng* ( Informatics, Computing and Engineering), Timothy O’Connor* (Philosophy), Robert Potter* (The Media School),  Luis Rocha* (School of Informatics and Computing), Kathy Schick* (Cognitive Science), Thomas Schoenemann * (Anthropology), Erik Stolterman* (School of Informatics and Computing), Nicholas Toth* (Cognitive Science), Michael W. Trosset* (Statistics), Chen Yu* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Associate Professors

Julie Anderson* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Shahzeen Z. Attari* (School of Public and Environmental Affairs), Damir Cavar* (Computational Linguistics),  David Crandall* (School of Informatics and Computing), Julia Fox* (The Media School), Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Laura Gurzynski-Weiss* (Spanish and Portuguese), William Holmes (Mathematics), Eric Isaacson* (Music Theory), Erik Jacobson (Mathematics Education),  ChienJer Charles* (East Asian Languages and Cultures), John Paolillo* (Information and Library Science, School of Informatics and Computing), Franco Pestilli* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Nicholas Port* (Optometry), Robert Rydell* (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Selma Sabanovic* (School of Informatics and Computing), , Maria Shardakova* (Slavic and Eastern European Languages Cultures), Justin Wood (School of Informatics)

Assistant Professors

Ann-Sophie Barwich (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine), Kelly Berkson* (Linguistics), Richard Betzel* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Malgorzata Cavar*, (Linguistics), Emily Fyfe (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Eduardo Izquierdo* (Cognitive Science, School of Informatics and Computing), Dan Kennedy * (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Minje Kim* (School of Informatics and Computing), Ehren Newman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Nozomi Tanaka (East Asian Languages & Cultures), Zoran Tiganj (Department of Computer Science), Francis Tyers (Linguistics)

Associate Faculty

Barbara B. Jacobs Chair of Education and Technology, School of Education and Professor of Learning Sciences

Cindy Hmelo-Silver*

Distinguished Professors

Elisabeth Lloyd* (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)

Michael Wade* (Biology) 

Provost Professor

Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig* (Second Language Studies),

Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law

Jeffrey Evans Stake* (Maurer School of Law)

Ruth N. Halls Professor 


Raquel Ander­son* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), ,  Eli Blevis* (School of Informatics and Computing), Curtis Bonk* (School of Education), Edward Castronova* (The Media School), Michel Chaouli* (Germanic Studies), Stuart Davis* (Linguistics), Laurent Dekydtspotter* (Second Language Studies, French and Italian), Greg Demas* (Biology),  Manuel Diaz-Campos * (Spanish and Portuguese), Amanda Diekman (Psychological and Brian Sciences),  Ying Ding* ( Information and Library Science), Gary Ebbs* (Philosophy),   Cesar Felix-Brasdefer* (Hispanic Linguistics and Pragmatics & Discourse),  Constance Furey* (Religious Studies),  Garyfallidis* (Intelligent Systems Engineering, ), Eleftherios  Kim Geeslin* (Spanish and Portuguese), Brian Gill (Jacobs School of Music),Dennis Groth* (School of Informatics , Computing & Engineering), Julia Heiman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), William Hetrick* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Daniel Hickey* (School of Education), Ed Hirt* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Kurt Hugenberg* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Kevin Hunt* (Anthropology), Laura Hurley* (Biology), Karin Harman James* (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Marianne Kielian-Gilbert* (Music Theory), Yoshihisa Kitagawa* (Linguistics), Shanker Krishnan* (Marketing), Hui-Chen Lu* (Psychological and Brain Sciences),  Kirk Ludwig* (Philosophy), Emilia Martins* (Biology),   Filippo Menczer* (School of Informatics ,Computing & Engineering), Armin P. Moczek* (Biology), Mary Murphy* (Psychological and Brian Sciences), Laura Murray* (Speech and Hearing Sciences ), Christopher Raphael* (School of Informatics ,Computing & Engineering), Fred Schmitt* (Philosophy), Robert Sherwood (Science Education).Rex Sprouse* (Second Language Studies), Cassidy Sugimoto*(Informatics, Computing & Engineering), Natsuko Tsujimura* (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Frederick Unverzagt (Clinical Psychiatry), Dirk Van Gucht* (School of Informatics ,Computing & Engineering), Steven Wagschal* (Spanish and Portuguese), James Walker* (Economics),

Associate Professors

 Yong-Yeol Ahn* (School of Informatics ,Computing & Engineering), Patricia Amaral (Spanish and Portuguese), Tessa Bent* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), , Jordi Cat* (History and Philosophy of Science), Kalani Craig (History), Joshua Danish* (Learning Sciences,School of Education), Frank Diaz (Music Education), Margaret Dolinsky* (Digital Art), , Amy Hackenberg* (School of Education ), Anne Krendl* (Psychological and Brain sciences), Adam Leite* (Philosophy), Adam Maltese* (School of Education ),Peter Miksza* (Jacobs School of Music),. Rita Patel (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Gregory Rawlins* (School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering), Chung-chieh Shan (School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering), David Stringer* (Second Language Studies), Norman Su* (School of Informatics, Andrew Weaver* (The Media School), Yucel Yilmaz (Second Language Studies).

Assistant Professors

Brandon Barker (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Jessica Gall Myrick (Media School),  Nathan Geiger (Media School), Thomas Grano* (Linguistics),  Kyungbin Kwon (Education),  Gregory Lewis, (Intelligent Systems Engineering), Steven Lulich (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Mandy Mejia (Statistics),   Stasa Milojevic  * (School of Informatics and Computing), Asa Palley* (Operations & Decision Technologies, Allen Riddell (School of Informatics and Computing), Eatai Roth (Intelligent Systems Engineering), Yi Shen (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Brielle Stark (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Kurt Waldman (Geography), Donald Williamson, (School of Informatics and Computing).

Senior Lecturer

Rick Hullinger (Psychological and Brain Sciences)


Ann Bunger (Linguistics)

Senior Research Analyst/Programmer

Hui Zhang (Advanced Visualization Lab)

Director of Cognitive Science Graduate Studies

Fritz Breithaupt (Germanic Studies)














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