Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Ph.D. Minor in College Pedagogy

Minor Requirements (12 cr.)

Core Courses (9 cr.)
  • C675 Supervised College Teaching* (1-3 cr.)
  • C750 Topical Seminar: Curriculum in Higher Education (1-6 cr.)
  • C750 Topical Seminar: Learning and Teaching on the College Campus (1-6 cr.)

*A course on teaching or teaching practicum within the student’s department may be substituted to fulfill this requirement, but if so, an additional elective must be taken so that all 12 credits for the minor are out of department.  Students using this option would be taking 15 credits for the minor, 3 in department and 12 in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Additional Course (3-6 cr.)

If all three required courses are taken, one elective course is needed. If a student does not need to take C675, the student needs to take two elective courses.

The doctoral minor in College Pedagogy does not require a minor qualifying exam

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