Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

M.S.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs

Degree Requirements (41 cr.)

Basic Core Requirements (20 cr.)
  • C565 Introduction to College and University Administration (3 cr.)
  • U546 Diverse Students on the College Campus (3 cr.)
  • U547 Professional Development in Student Affairs (1-7 cr.)
  • U548 Student Development Theory and Research (3 cr.)
  • U549 Environmental Theory and Assessment (3 cr.)
  • U553 The College Student and the Law (2 cr.)
  • U580 Issues and Problems in Higher Education and Student Affairs Admin (Capstone) (3 cr.)
Counseling and Counselor Education Requirement (3 cr.)

Select one G prefix course from the following:

  • G502 Professional Orientation and Ethics (3 cr.)
  • G509 Counseling College Student-Athletes (3 cr.)
    • Available at IUB only
    • G522 Counseling Theories (3 cr.)
    • G552 Career Counseling-Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
    • G575 Multicultural Counseling (3 cr.)
    • G580 Topical Seminar in Counseling and Guidance (1-3 cr.)
    • G584 Asian American Mental Health (3 cr.)
      • Available at IUB only
Foundations Requirement (6 cr.)
Research (3 cr.)

Select one course from the following:

  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • P501 Statistical Methods Applied to Education (3 cr.)
History (3 cr.)

One course in the history and philosophy of education (H-prefix courses) (3 cr.)

Elective Requirements (12 cr.)

Students are required to complete 12 hours of elective credits. A minimum of three (3) credit hours must be completed outside the HESA Program (not EDUC-C or EDUC-U courses). Your electives must be approved by your academic advisor and be aligned with your own interests in higher education and student affairs.

Optional Thesis Requirement (up to 6 cr.)

Students who opt to complete a thesis may have up to 6 credit hours subtracted from electives.

Additional Program Requirements
  • Students must hold an approved graduate assistantship or full time position for the duration of their time in the program.
  • No correspondence work or credit from physical activity courses may be applied to the master's degree.
  • Students interested in the Thesis Option should discuss this possibility with their advisor as early in the program as possible.
  • A minimum of 12 credit hours must be taken outside the HESA major.
  • Students with significant full-time work experience in higher education administration, upon their request and with advisor approval, may be exempted from the practicum field experience. They would still be required to complete the U547 academic course.

Academic Bulletins

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