Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Ph.D. Minor in Education Policy Studies

Minor Requirements (12 cr.)

Core Courses (6 cr.)
  • H605 Educational Policy and Reform (3 cr.)

And one of the following:

  • H620 Seminar in Educational Policy Studies (3 cr.)
  • H622 Seminar: Issues in Education Policy (3 cr.)
Additional Courses (6 cr.)

Students pursuing this minor select two additional courses that help to acquaint them with fundamental areas relevant to policy studies: the context of policy, the politics of the policy process, the legal and financial aspects of policy, and topical issues courses.

Select two courses from the following:

  • A560 Political Perspectives on Education (3 cr.)
  • A608 Legal Perspectives on Education (3 cr.)
  • A631 Microeconomic Applications of Education (3 cr.)
  • C670 Problems in Financing Higher Education (3 cr.)
  • C705 Legal Aspects of Higher Education (3 cr.)
  • H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • H525 Anthropology of Education (3 cr.)
  • H540 Sociology of Education (3 cr.)
  • H560 Education and Social Change (3 cr.)
  • H631 Social and Political Philosophy and Education (3 cr.)
  • H637 Topical Seminar (3 cr.)

Courses selected for the minor may not be used to meet substantive core requirements, and may not be from the student’s primary field of specialization.

The doctoral minor in Education Policy Studies does not require a minor qualifying exam.

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