Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

M.S.Ed. in International and Comparative Education (Online)

Degree Requirements (30 cr.)

Basic Core Requirements (9 cr.)
  • H551 Comparative Education I (3 cr.)
  • H552 Comparative Education II (3 cr.)
  • H626 Global Education Policy and Reform (3 cr.)
Social Foundations of Education Requirements (9 cr.)

Choose two or three of the following courses:

  • H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • H520 Education and Social Issues (3 cr.)
  • H525 Anthropology of Education (3 cr.)
  • H530 Philosophy of Education (3 cr.)
  • H540 Sociology of Education (3 cr.)

Select one more additional course above or three credits from the following courses:

  • H553 Travel Study (1-6 cr.)
  • H590 Independent Study or Research in History/Philosophy/Comparative Education (1-3 cr.)
  • H625 (1-3 cr.) Practicum in Education Policy Studies
Concentration Requirements (9 cr.)

9 credits in a professional, academic, or regional concentration. With the advisor, the student selects three courses that form a coherent concentration pertinent to the student’s specific interests in comparative and international education.

Inquiry Requirement (3 cr.)

One course in educational inquiry methodology, usually Y520, selected with the advisor.


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