Curriculum and Instruction

Ph.D. Minor in Curriculum and Instruction

Minor Requirements (12 cr.)

The Ph.D Minor in Curriculum and Instruction is at this time constituted as an individualized minor. Often the focus will be one of the specializations within the Curriculum and Instruction Department: Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Art Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Social Studies Education, or Curriculum Studies. Students seek an advisory committee minor advisor from the relevant program area and work with him or her to devise a selection of doctoral-level courses. Minors that cross program specializations but reflect a coherent focus or theme are also possible. A minimum of 12 credit hours is required. In addition to approval by the minor advisor, the selection must be approved by the School of Education Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

The doctoral minor in Curriculum and Instruction does not require a minor qualifying exam.

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