Curriculum and Instruction

M.S.Ed. in Special Education (Online or Residential)

Degree Requirements (36 cr.)

Major Requirements (20 cr.)
  • K535 Assessment and Remediation of the Mildly Handicapped I (3 cr.)
  • K536 Assessment and Remediation of the Mildly Handicapped II (3 cr.)
  • K548 Families, School and Society (3 cr.)
  • K553 Classroom Management and Behavior Support (3 cr.)
  • K565 Collaboration and Service Delivery (3 cr.)
  • S500 Field-Based Seminar in Teacher Education: Orientation to SPEDFIST (2 cr.)

Select one course from the following:

  • Y510 Action Research I (3 cr.)
  • Y520 Inquiry in Education (3 cr.)
Emphasis Area Requirement (12 cr.)

Students choose four classes from different departments or programs in the School of Education to create an area of emphasis which may include Autism, Behavior Disorders, Early Childhood Education, Instructional Strategies or others as approved by your advisor.  One of the 4 chosen courses should be outside the Special Education program.

Capstone Project or Thesis Requirements (4 cr.)
  • K500 Topical Workshop in Special Education (Culminating Seminar) (1 cr.)

Select one of the following courses:

  • K590 Independent Study or Research in Special Education (3 cr.)
  • K599 Masters Thesis in Special Education (3 cr.)
Prerequisite (3 cr.)

K505 Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students (3 cr.)

This course does not count towards the M.S.Ed. in Special Education.

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