Instructional Systems Technology

Ed.S. in Education-Instructional Systems Technology Track

The Ed.S. in Instructional Systems Technology (IST) allows students to develop expertise in instructional technology beyond the master's level and to prepare for management and leadership positions in education, government, business, or industry. The post-master's courses should be chosen to strengthen competence in one or more of the following areas: front-end analysis, instructional design and development, media design and development, evaluation, change facilitation and management, distributed education, or project management.

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements (24 cr.)
Options here include all IST graduate courses, as approved by the student’s advisory committee.

Inquiry Requirements (6 cr.)

Students are allowed to make course substitutions in accordance with the inquiry policy, as approved by the student’s advisory committee.

Minor Requirements (9 cr.)
The minor must have integrity in its own right and must complement the major. The minor field must demonstrate wholeness within itself and contribute to the student's overall doctoral program. Minors are normally formulated within a single program area. However, an interdisciplinary or individualized minor is also possible. Interdisciplinary or individualized minors require a written description of the minor's underlying theme along with a rationale for each course's contribution to that theme through the Minor Justification form. This form should be submitted and approved by the Graduate Studies Office prior to enrolling in the minor courses.  Major area courses may not be used in the minor.

Elective Requirements (26 cr.)
Elective courses must be approved by the advisory committee. They must be relevant to the program. The electives category may be used to add to the major, research/inquiry, or minor components.

Examination/Capstone Project
A substantial project or a comprehensive examination constitutes the culmination of the Ed.S. program. A project normally requires a written manuscript describing the project. A final meeting of the advisory committee is required, at which time the student's entire program, including the project manuscript or comprehensive examination results, are reviewed.

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