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Teacher Licensure Programs

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Transition-to-teaching programs offer those who have previously earned a baccalaureate degree an efficient and effective preparation for the K-12 teaching profession. Students take course work at the graduate level to obtain certification or they may opt to pursue the licensure program as part of a master's program. The programs are full-time, field-intensive, cohort- and performance- based, with mentor teachers supervising candidates while working closely with university faculty to insure an integrated curriculum.  Initial licensure rograms are offered for elementary (K-6) and secondary (5-12) levels.

Transition to Teaching programs are included in the categories below as are other professional preparation programs.

Master degree options

Several programs for licensure may be easily combined with a master's degree; some are actually part of a master's degree.  However, a master's degree does not automatically make one eligible for a license nor does a licensure program automatically make one eligible for a master's degree.  The student should consult with both the faculty adviser for the master's degree and the certification adviser for the licensure program for the requirements of each.  One must apply for both programs, but it may be done on the same application

Checklist for Students completing teacher licensure at Bloomington

__ Explore certification: Contact the graduate certification advisor in Education 1000, 812-856-8510 for information about initial teacher certification and possible additions to the license. Web page:

__ Explore masters DEGREE programs on Web sites of the department offering the degree  The certification advisor may be able to help in an initial discussion, but final approval of programs is completed through an advisor in that department of the degree. A Master of Arts (MAT) degree is available from several departments in the University Graduate School. Contact the department of interest for information. Students seeking a certification in addition to the degree need only apply for the degree program. However, Transition to Teaching students will apply for that program and indicate in their goal statement that they are seeking a degree.

__ GRADUATE application to the School of Education for a particular program:  See application procedures

Certification-only (apply as graduate) or master's degree programs:  

  • Objectives: Education: licensure programs (initial or addition) or Transition to Teaching (T2T) programs; or master's degree programs
  • Two letters of recommendation focusing on academic ability
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) needed for master's degree or T2T programs IF the undergraduate GPA is less than a 3.0 (, not required for certification-only.
  • Personal or goal statement reflecting interest in teaching, strengths and experiences
  • Indiana’s licensing rules are changing and Praxis I ( MAY not be needed for Transition to Teaching programs; Praxis I will not be needed for additions to initial licenses.

A third option is completing the master's degree through the Graduate School. The application for this degree, likely a master's of arts in teaching, would be completed through the appropriate College of Arts and Sciences department; for MAT Social Studies contact Keith C. Barton, e-mail. Other degree options may exist through the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) or the School of Library and Information Sciences.

For students seeking initial  teacher certification (next 5 steps):

__ Take the Praxis I exams in Reading, Writing and Math IF needed. Information can be found at  Praxis I or alternatives are required for the Teacher Education Program application which is needed to apply for the student teaching placement.

__ Apply to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Log in with your university ID and password. Praxis I or alternatives are required for admission.

__ Apply for student teaching placement in the fall of the year before student teaching; students in Transition to Teaching, Community of Teachers will apply through the program facilitator or coordinator. Check the student teaching web site on the School of Education page for Current Students. Information about student teaching abroad or in special settings is also available on this page.

__ Attend a pre-professional student teaching meeting in the semester before student teaching to learn what is expected during the placement. See student teaching Web site for dates.

__ Take Praxis II exam(s), if required: Information is in Education 1000. Qualifying scores should be available by the time of applying for the license (usually at the end of student teaching).


__ Establish a placement/credentials file. Register for placement services at Appointments with employment advisors in Education 1000 can be made at 856-8510. Activate by March 1 to participate in Interview Day in late April. (See also Placement for Education Students.) 

__ Apply for the teaching license through Education 1000 after completing the student teaching placement and program requirements

There is an online application on the State’s Department of Educator Licensing and Development:  Information in Education 1000.

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