Program Coordinators

Organization of the School and Program Advisors

Bloomington Campus Departments (Area Code 812) 

Indianapolis Campus Departments (below) 
Counseling and Educational Psychology IU Web Site
Ginette Delandshere, Chair Education 4038, 856-8347; e-mail
Counseling and Counselor Education(masters and specialist)
Sue Whiston, Education 4014, 856-8305; e-mail
Counseling Psychology (doctoral) Rex Stockton, Education 4056, 856-8344; e-mail
Inquiry Methodology (doctoral) Barbara Dennis, Education 4016, 856-8142; e-mail
Learning and Developmental Sciences
Educational Psychology David Estell, Education 4010, 856-8307; e-mail
Developmental Psychology Anne Stright, Education 4058, 856-8311; e-mail
Inquiry Methodology (master's)
Barbara Dennis, Education 4016, 856-8142; e-mail
Learning Science Daniel T. Hickey, Education 4018, 856-8563; e-mail
School Psychology (doctoral and specialist)

Thomas Huberty, Education 4062, 856-8309; e-mail and Jack Cummings, Education 4048; 856-8327 e-mail

Director of Center for Human Growth Lynn Gilman, Education 0026, 856-8348; e-mail
Curriculum and Instruction IU Web Site
Jesse Goodman, Chair
Education 3208, 856-8143; e-mail
Lara Lackey, Associate Chair
Education 3218, 856-8150; e-mail
Art Education (masters) Elizabeth (Beau) Vallance, Education 3216, 856-8114; e-mail
Art Education (doctoral) Marjorie Manifold, Education 3226, 856-8133; e-mail
Curriculum Studies Mary McMullen, Education 3206, 856-8393; e-mail
Early Childhood Education Cary Buzzelli, Education 3204, 856-8184; e-mail
Elementary Education Carol-Anne Hossler, Education 3262, 856-8158; e-mail
Elementary Transition to Teaching Jesse Goodman, Education 3208, 856-8143; e-mail   and Diana Lambdin, Education 3058, 856-8149; e-mail
Mathematics Education (graduate) Enrique Galindo, Education 3109, 856-8185; e-mail 
Science and Environmental Education Valarie Akerson, Education 3072, 856-8140, e-mail
Secondary Education David Flinders, Education 3002, 856-8108, e-mail
Secondary Transition to Teaching  
Ben Edmonds, Education 3258; 856-8162, e-mail
Social Studies Education (elementary) Leana McClain, Education 3266, 856-8160, e-mail
Social Studies Education (secondary) Keith Barton, Education 3234, 856-8058, e-mail
Special Education (master's) Gretchen Butera, Education 3212, 856-8153, e-mail
Special Education (doctoral) Erna Alant, Education 3238, 856-8110, e-mail
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies IU Web Site
Gary Crow, Chair Education 4224, 856-8192, e-mail
Educational Policy Barry Bull, Education 4240, 856-8377, e-mail
Educational Foundations Andrea Walton, Education 4218, 856-8358, e-mail
Higher Education Don Hossler, Education 4268, 856-8391, e-mail
International and Comparative Education Margaret Sutton, Education 4254, 856-856-8368, e-mail
Student Affairs Administration Danielle DeSawal, Education 4274, 856-8382, e-mail
Instructional Systems Technology IU Web Site
Ted Frick, Chair Education 2276, 856-8460, e-mail
Literacy, Culture, and Language Education IU Web Site
Larry Mikulecky, Chair Education 3038, 856-8277, e-mail
English Education Stephanie Carter, Education 3018, 856-8265, e-mail
Foreign Language Education Martha Nyikos, Education 3020, 856-8272, e-mail
EFL/ESL, Bilingual Education Faridah Pawan, Education 3030, 856-8274, e-mail
Reading, Literacy Education Mitzi Lewison, Education 3024, 856-8269, e-mail

Indianapolis Campus
Indianapolis Campus Areas (Area Code 317)
ES, Education/Social Work IU Web Site
Contact for Graduate Programs: Graduate Advisor Sarah Zahl, ES 3149, 278-5739, e-mail
Co-Chairs of Graduate Programs      

Rob Helfenbein, ES 3126, rhelfenb [at] iupui [dot] edu (rhelfenb [at] iupui [dot] edu), 278-1408;

Beth Berghoff, ES 3127; 278-1108; e-mail

Chair for Educational Leadership Brendan Maxcy, ES 3151, 274-7516, e-mail
Transition to Teaching Coordinator Joy Seybold, ES 3130, 274-6815, jseybold [at] iupui [dot] edu (jseybold [at] iupui [dot] edu)
Language Education Beth Berghoff, ES 3127, 278-1108, e-mail
English as Second/New Language Annela Teemant, ES 3121, 274-1228, ateemant [at] iupui [dot] edu
Mathematics Education Erik Tillema, ES 3154, 274-6821;etillema [at] iupui [dot] edu (etillema [at] iupui [dot] edu),
Science Education Jomo Mutegi, ES 3132,274-4202 jmutegi [at] iupui [dot] edu (jmutegi [at] iupui [dot] edu),
Special Education Mary Jo Dare, ES 3105, 274-6486, mdare [at] indiana [dot] edu (mdare [at] indiana [dot] edu) and Kathleen King Thorius, ES 3152, kkingtho [at] iupui [dot] edu (kkingtho [at] iupui [dot] edu), 278-0745
Counseling and Counselor Education Keith Morran, ES 3111, 274-6850, e-mail and Chalmer Thompson, ES 3161, 274-6827, e-mail
Educational Leadership

Higher Education and Student Affairs Nancy Chism, ES 3150, 278-0009, e-mail

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