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Indiana License Types and Coverage

Students are admitted under rules established by the Office of Licensing and Development (the agency that governs teacher education in the state of Indiana). These rules are referred to as Rules 2002. Each license issued under Rules 2002 will include school setting(s) or levels that a person may teach and the content field(s) or subjects that the individual may teach. Each license must include at least one school setting and one content field. The B or I after an entry indicates the campus where the program is offered. As a general rule, students working toward licensure must earn at least half of their credits at Bloomington or Indianapolis.

However, new licensing rules (REPA: Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability) have been established which may affect those finishing a licensure program after August 31, 2013.  You should consult with an academic advisor in considering under which rules your license will be issued and whether your program will change.

Certification Students Applying for a Master's Degree

Students in certification programs who wish to seek a master's degree must go through the standard process for admission to graduate study. Furthermore, in order to be accepted into any of the School of Education's specialization areas in which a master's degree may be earned, students must be admitted to a master's degree program in one of these specialization areas in the semester prior to the semester in which they intend to graduate and they must be officially registered in the semester in which they graduate.

Credit hours earned by a certification student who has been admitted to a master's degree program may or may not be counted in the student's master's program. The department chair or program head and the associate dean of graduate studies must approve the inclusion of courses taken while the student was earning credits toward certification but was not admitted to a master's degree program. Furthermore, a certification student, who has been admitted to a master's degree program, may use a maximum of 15 credits taken while the student was working on certification but was not admitted to the master's degree program.

Teaching Licenses (B-I)

Initial License in Early Childhood Education (valid for teaching preschool through grade 3). This license will include two school settings: Early Childhood—Preschool Level and Early Childhood—Primary Level. The content field will be generalist. This program is not offered at the graduate level.

Initial License in Elementary Education (valid for teaching grades K-6). This license will include two school settings: Early Childhood Education—Primary Level and Middle Childhood Education—Intermediate Level. The content field noted on the license will be generalist.

Initial License for Exceptional Needs Teachers (valid for teaching at multiple levels). This license will carry the content field of mild intervention andintense intervention.

Initial License in Secondary Education (valid for teaching grades 6-12). This license will include two school settings: Early Adolescent—Middle School Level and Adolescent and Young Adult— High School Level. There must be at least one content field included on this license.

Initial License in K-12 Education (valid for teaching grades K-12). This license will include four school settings of Early Childhood Education—Primary Level (K-3); Middle Childhood Education—Intermediate Level (4-6); Early Adolescent (Middle School Level); and Adolescent/Young Adult (High School Level). On a license the entry for this license will be "all school." There must be at least one content field included on this license.

School Services Licenses

  • School Counselor (valid for providing counseling services in all schools) (B-I)
  • School Psychologist (valid for providing psychological services in all schools) (B)

Educational Leadership Licenses

(All Leadership licenses are valid in all school settings.)

  • Building Administrator: School Principal (B-I)
  • District Administrator: Superintendent (B)
  • District Administrator: Director of Exceptional Needs (B)
  • District Administrator: Director of Curriculum and Instruction (B)

Information about the new state licensing framework (REPA) and standards for educational professionals may be found on the website of the Indiana Department of Education Office of Educator Licensing and Development ).

Admission to Licensure Programs

Applicants to licensure programs must complete the graduate degree or licensure program application. Students who are currently in a School of Education graduate degree program for less than one year may submit an amended goal statement to apply for a certification program.  One may apply for both a certification program and a master’s degree program on the same application. See  "Admission to Graduate Programs" for application procedures and criteria.

Students pursuing both licensure and master's degrees will be advised by both the graduate licensure advisor and the assigned faculty advisor of the master's degree program.

Initial, Proficient Practitioner, and Accomplished Practitioner Licenses

Rules 2002 licenses became available for candidates completing standards-based, performance-focused programs beginning July 1, 2003. All Persons completing license preparation by August 31, 2013 may be issued licensure under Rules 2002 with the license application by December 31, 2013. Persons completing licensure programs after August 31, 2013 will be issued a license under REPA Rules.

Applying for a License

Upon completion of all degree and course requirements, state-mandated testing as required, a state criminal history check, CPR-Heimlich Maneuver certification, and other application procedures, candidates may submit their application online at the LVIS system: On the Bloomington campus, information is available in Education 1000, (812) 856-8511. On the Indianapolis campus, information is available in Room 3131 of the Education/Social Work Building, (317) 274-0645.

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