Standard Admission

Standard Admission to the Kelley School is selective. To be considered, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be admitted to IU Bloomington and enrolled on the Bloomington campus for at least one term.
  2. Complete at least 26 credit hours of college coursework that count toward graduation. The coursework may be taken at Indiana University or at another accredited institution offering a comparable program.
  3. Achieve grades of B or better in all pre-admission college courses.
  4. Successfully complete the English Composition requirement.
  5. Successfully complete at least three of the following courses:
  • BUS-K 201 The Computer in Business
  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics
  • MATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus I
  • BUS-X 100 Introduction to Business (or BUS-G 100 Business in the Information Age)
  1. Submit an online application at by the required deadline. Application deadlines are April 1 for fall semester admission and November 1 for spring semester admission. Grades for all coursework required for fall admission must be recorded on the student’s IU Bloomington transcript by the end of the spring semester.

Factors such as extracurricular activities, community service, work experience and optional letters of recommendation are also considered, but are of less importance than the academic performance factors.

Academic Bulletins

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