Second Bachelor's Degree

While it is possible to obtain admission to the Kelley School to pursue a second bachelor’s degree, students are advised to consider other options such as graduate work or other skill-oriented offerings. Few students are admitted for the purpose of completing a second undergraduate degree. Only students with strong academic credentials should consider the second bachelor’s degree as an option. Candidates who qualify and are admitted for a second degree will be exempted from requirements that have already been completed in their first degrees.  Some students find that pursuing a second bachelor's degree at the Kelley School at IUPUI (Indianapolis) is a alternate solution.

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in business are not eligible to earn a second business degree, regardless of their credentials. Students who have completed a Kelley School bachelor's degree may register through the School of Continuing Studies to gain skills in another major, but cannot be certified for a business degree a second time.

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