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Minor in Coaching Education

Minor in Coaching Education

The undergraduate coaching minor prepares student to coach student-athletes from pre-k though college. Our minor in coaching, offered by the Health, Physical Education and Education (HPER) Department is based on the national standards for athletic coaches developed by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE).

After completing the minor in coaching, students will secure the following national coaching certifications from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS):

  • NHFS Coach Level 2
  • NFHS Prevention of Concussion in Sport
  • NFHS Heat and Hydration Certification
  • NFHS Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • NFHS Protecting Students from Abuse
  • NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This undergraduate minor program is intended for students in degree programs who wish to add a coaching specialty to their studies.


The Minor in Coaching Education requires:

  • Successful completion of 15-15.5 credit hours
  • Minimum Cumulative (Minor) GPA of 2.0
  • Minimum grade of C- in each minor course
  • Each course is 3 credit hours, unless otherwise stated

Required Core Courses (12 cr.)
  • HPER-A 483 Principles of Sports Officiating (1 cr.) 
  • HPER-H 312 Coaching 
  • HPER-P 447 Special Problems in Physical Education and Athletics  
  • HPER-P 450 Organizational and Psychological Foundations of Coaching 
  • HPER-P 498 Practicum in Physical Education and Athletic (2 cr.)

Select one course from the following (2 cr.)

  • HPER-P 323 Teaching of Individual and Dual Sports (2 cr.)
  • HPER-P 325 Teaching of Team Sports (2 cr.)

Select one course from the following (1-1.5 cr.)

  • HPER-A 362 Coaching of Basketball (1 cr.)
  • HPER-A 363 Coaching of Baseball (1 cr.)
  • HPER-A 364 Coaching of Track and Field (1 cr.)
  • HPER-A 365 Coaching of Wrestling (1 cr.)
  • HPER-A 370 Coaching of Soccer (1 cr.)
  • HPER-A 371 Coaching of Volleyball (1 cr.)
  • HPER-A 372 Coaching of Softball (1.5 cr.)

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