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Justin Amellio-Ashbrook, M.F.A.Pictured | Justin Amellio-Ashbrook, MFA | Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011 | Chair of Theatre and Dance; and Associate Professor of Theatre

Theatre and Dance

Justin Amellio-Ashbrook, MFA | Chair
Northside 116 | (574) 520-4676 |

About Theatre and Dance

The Department of Theatre and Dance in the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts is a collaborative and interdisciplinary department that focuses on fostering the creative and academic growth of well-rounded theatre artists within a liberal arts university. We prepare students to enter the entertainment industry and/or pursue further study in graduate programs through both academics and creative outlets. To reinforce the academic and studio work, students are a part of an active co-curricular theatre season which includes: musicals, plays, specialty events and our annual Michele’s Little Hearts Children’s Theatre series, reaching up to 8,000 area children per year. The department’s goal is to help each student find their most trained, artistically flexible, creative, knowledgeable, and individually unique theatre artist within.  

The department offers a B.A. degree in Theatre which does not require an entrance audition and provides the essential grounding in the many opportunities theatre has to offer.  The B.F.A. degrees, with concentrations in Musical Theatre Performance and Design and Technical Production, require an entrance audition/interview and provide a highly focused course of study within these two specialized areas. Our academic core, shared by all degree options, consists of performance, technology, design, history, directing, play analysis, and management classes to provide our students a broad background in the many aspects of theatre making and focused courses in the students’ area(s) of interest. 

IU South Bend is an undergraduate only Theatre program in which students have opportunities to audition/interview for onstage or backstage roles from their very first semester. The program also offers essential one-on-one educational and professional mentoring for each student while on their degree path.

At IU South Bend Theatre and Dance, we explore the human experience through the unique, creative, diverse, and powerful theatrical voices of each of our students.  

  • Professor | J. R. Colborn
  • Associate Professor | Amellio-Ashbrook (Chair), Hanson, Resler
  • Senior Lecturer | Cole
  • Lecturer | Kazmierczak
  • Faculty Emeritus | Miller, Pepperdine

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