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Minor in Music Composition

Pictured | Joseph Meyers | B.M. Composition | Mishawaka, Indiana (hometown)

Minor in Music Composition

A minor in music is amiable to students in any IU South Bend degree program. Students wishing to minor in music should speak with the music department chair. There are three different minor tracks: performance, music theory and history, and composition. All minor programs provide students with a fundamental education in the theory and history of music.

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Minor Requirements (25 cr.)
Core Requirements (22 cr.)
  • MUS-I 100 Cultural Events Attendance (0 cr.)
    4 semesters of successful completion
  • MUS-K 110 Composition, Elective Level (1 cr.)
    4 semesters
  • MUS-M 201 The Literature of Music 1
  • MUS-M 202 The Literature of Music 2
  • MUS-P 101 Piano Class 1 (1 cr.)
  • MUS-P 102 Piano Clas 2 (1 cr.)
  • MUS-T 113 Music Theory I
  • MUS-T 114 Music Theory II
  • MUS-X XXX University Ensemble (1 cr.)
    4 semesters
  • MUS-X 070 University Choral Ensembles VT: Symphonic Choir does not fulfill the ensemble requirement. Choral faculty may provide exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Other Music (3 cr.)

Select from the following:

  • MUS-M 375 Survey of Ethnic and Popular Music of the World
  • MUS-M 410 Composer or Genre
  • MUS-M 430 Introduction to Contemporary Music
  • MUS-T 213 Music Theory III
  • MUS-T 214 Music Theory IV
  • MUS-T 315 Analysis of Music Form
  • MUS-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions
  • Or course as approved by department chair

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