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Minor in East Asian Studies

Pictured | Christian Rugelio | Physics / Minor in East Asian Studies | Goshen, Indiana (hometown)
Club Affiliation | Japanese Club

Minor in East Asian Studies

  • All coursework for the minor must be planned with an advisor from the East Asian Studies minor faculty. To preserve the minor’s interdisciplinary focus, courses must be drawn from at least two different departments.
  • Courses should also represent a student’s range of study beyond one national framework.
  • Students seeking to apply a course with a comprehensive theme (rather than with an East Asian regional theme) to the minor must demonstrate that a major portion of their works, such as a longer term paper or research assignment, has dealt directly with a topic of East Asia.

Concentration Requirements (15 cr.)
  • One 400–level course with East Asian Studies focus; or 300–level course with East Asian Studies focus with an additional research or term paper requirement; or independent study; or study abroad (3 cr.)
  • Five classes, no more than three from any one department.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Select four classes from the following, or an approved alternate:

  • EALC-E 271 Modern and Contemporary Japanese Culture
  • EALC-E 350 EStudies in East Asian Society
  • EALC-J 201 Second Year Japanese 1 (4 cr.)
  • EALC-J 202 Second Year Japanese 2 (4 cr.)
  • EALC-J 301 Third-Year Japanese 1
  • EALC-J 302 Third-Year Japanese 2
  • EALC-J 310 Japanese Conversation
  • EALC-J 401 Fourth-Year Japanese I
  • EALC-J 402 Fourth-Year Japanese II
  • EALC-J 451 Readings in Japanese Newspapers and Journals
  • ENG-W 250 Writing in Context
    VT: Travel Writing
  • HIST-G 358 Early Modern Japan
  • HIST-G 369 Modern Japan
  • HIST-H 207 Modern East Asian Civilization
  • HIST-H 237 Traditional East Asian Civilization
  • INTL-I 490 International Studies Capstone Seminar; OR
    SOC-S 460 Topics in Non-Western Cultures
    VT: Global Issues
  • PHIL-P 374 Early Chinese Philosophy
  • REL-R 153 Religions of Asia
  • TEL-R 404 Topical Seminar in Telecommunications
    VT:  Japan, Asia, and the World in Media

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