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Minor in Computer Applications

Matthew JanosikPictured | Matthew Janosik | B.S., Computer Programming | Granger, Indiana (hometown)

Minor in Computer Applications (15 cr.)

The Minor in Computer Applications provides current IU South Bend students with the knowledge and understanding of various information technologies. The minor provides the necessary technical expertise to students who are considering positions that make extensive use of computer technology and its applications to solve problems. Potential positions that may benefit from this minor may be found in many organizations, including business, health care, science and engineering, government, and not-for-profit agencies. In addition, existing students at IU South Bend, may find this minor complementary to their major.

Students can take courses related to computer hardware and software components and learn how they operate, learn common office automation and productivity application software, and introductory courses in operating systems, problem solving using programming, event driven programming and graphical user interfaces, web programming, computer networks and the client/server computing model, and multimedia arts and technology.

Students should contact the department office ( or (574) 520-5521) before their first semester to schedule a meeting with a computer science advisor to develop a plan for their academic course of study.

Requirements (15 cr.)
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.
  • A grade of C- or higher in each course is required (some courses may require higher grades; check course specific requirements).
  • At least 12 of the 15 credit hours must be taken at IU South Bend.

Select  (at least) 15 credits from the following:

  • CSCI-A 106 Introduction to Computing
  • CSCI-A 107 Advanced Microcomputing (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-A 201 Introduction to Programming (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-A 340 An Introduction to Web Programming
  • CSCI-B 100 Problem Solving Using Computers (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 101 Computer Programming I (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-C 151 Multiuser Operating Systems (2 cr.)
  • INFO-I 213 Web Site Design and Development
  • INFO-I 310 Multimedia Arts and Technology
  • INFO-I 320 Distributed Systems and Collaborative Computing

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