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Communication and Culture | CMCL

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I Fall Semester | II Spring Semester | S Summer Session/s

  • CMCL-C 203 Gender, Sexulaity, and the Media (3 cr.) Examines portrayals of women across various media outlets and diverse cultural regions. The course also considers women as producers and consumers of media products. Topics might focus on a specific medium (e.g. television, film, or the Internet), genre (e.g. soap operas, reality TV, anime), or region (the U.S., Africa, Asia). Screenings may be required.
  • COMM-C 501 Applied Quantitative Research Methods in Communication Studies (3 cr.) Pending approval.
  • COMM-C 531 Media Theory and Criticism (3 cr.)
  • COMM-C 502 Applied Qualitative Research Methods in Communication Studies (3 cr.) Inductive (data-to-theory) approach to knowledge, and associated sequential and non-sequential methods for studying communication in applied everyday situations, e.g. friendships and other close personal dyads, families, small groups, organizations, and public, media, historical, computer mediated, or health-related contexts.

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