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The Student Government Association (SGA) includes an elected student body president, vice president, student senate of 24 members (18 elected in the spring and 6 reserved for the freshman class), and a five-seat judiciary branch headed by a chief justice and appointed by the president with confirmation from the senate. In addition, all students can be active in SGA by attending meetings and serving on committees.

The president of the student body serves as a nonvoting member of the IU Southeast Faculty Senate, a member of the IU University Students Association (AUSA), and on various other committees. The president is also responsible for maintaining communication between the faculty and administration and the Student Senate, as well as campus organizations and the student body in general. The president may approve or veto legislation of the Student Senate, and—subject to confirmation by the Student Senate and the appointment of the Chancellor—nominate student members to serve on campus committees that formulate campus policies. The president may also issue limited policy decisions by executive order or proclamation.

The Student Senate Chair, elected from the Student Senate, presides over the meetings of the Student Senate.  The Student Senate provides communication between the student body and the administration and faculty. By resolution, it requests changes and makes recommendations to the administration and faculty concerning campus policies and procedures. Additionally, the Student Senate approves funding for events from the Student Government Association funds that provide the campus community with increased social, cultural, and educational opportunities.

The Student Court serves as the interpreters of the Student Body Constitution and spells out the duties, responsibilities, and authority of the members and officers of SGA. By holding open court sessions each month, the court also serves as a forum for student concerns and complaints.

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