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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Individual departments and schools may have financial support available to graduate students in their programs. Graduate and professional students should consider filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a renewal FAFSA to apply for financial aid by the priority deadline April 15. The FAFSA is often used by IUPUI schools in determining financial support eligibility. There are also government loan options, such as Graduate Plus Loan.

This support could be in the form of tuition remission,Graduate Fellowships or a Student Academic Appointment (SAA). Sources of funding include: school funds allocated for financial aid or staff; grants; Indiana University merit-based fellowships; IUPUI Graduate Office fellowships; IU foundation; and state and federal financial aid. Student Academic Appointments are handled by the individual programs, not the Graduate Office. Contact your graduate program for details.

Graduate Fellowships - offered by departments, schools, or the University to selected graduate students. The stipends attached do not require specific duties and are excludable from taxable income to the extent they are actually used to pay for tuition and course-related books and expenses. All fellowship recipients must be degree seeking and enrolled full-time. A full-time course load is defined by each school, but may in no case be less than 6 credit hours per semester without special permission.

Student Academic Appointment - (Graduate Assistant, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant) – offered by academic schools or departments to selected graduate students. The stipends attached to appointments are considered graduate student support and compensation for the academic duties assigned, and as such are considered to be taxable income.

Visit the Office of Student Financial Services and the IUPUI Graduate Office for more information on financial aid for graduate students.