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Organizational Leadership 

Professors: C. Feldhaus, S. Hundley
Associate Professor: B. Sorge (STEM Education)
Clinical Professor: P. Fox
Assistant Professors: K. Reed Hughes, K. Rose
Senior Lecturer: R. Wolter
Lecturer: E. Wager
Academic Specialist: C. Krull
Assistant to the Chair: D. Lampert

Organizational Leadership (OL) provides a broad-based education for those students who desire leadership roles in business, government, technology and industry. A guiding vision of the department is to close the gap between theory and practice. In addition to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, OL offers an accelerated BS/MS degree, certificates in Human Resource Management, International Leadership, Leadership Studies, Sustainable Technologies, and the Honors Minor in Leadership.  OL certificates are available fully online.  The Certificate in Leadership Studies offers non-majors an opportunity to better understand leadership in today's complex organizations.

All OL programs are flexible to meet the needs of both traditional and nontraditional students. As part of a relevant and practical field of study, OL programs integrate a series of core courses with a choice of electives that permit students to earn multiple degrees, certificates, or minors. Core OLS courses offer a strong foundation in leadership, communication and general education, mathematics, and science. Concentration tracks allow students to develop their interests and talents within a particular technical or related field. Students who have successfully completed an A.S. or A.S.S. degree from Ivy Tech, Vincennes University, or another regionally accredited 2-year or 4-year institution can apply up to 64.0 credit hours of transfer credit towards completion of the IUPUI General Education Core, 24.0 credit hour related area of study outside of OLS, and other elective areas. Students who have not completed a 2-year degree program are encouraged to complete a minor, certificate, or dual baccalaureate degree through the completion of their related area of study.

Organizational Leadership Program Learning Outcomes 

Students who graduate with the B.S. in Organizational Leadership will be able to: 

  • Implement strategies for personal, professional, and organizational success.
  • Illustrate ways human behaviors influence organizational culture and success.
  • Differentiate responsibilities of supervisors, managers and leaders.
  • Identify how ethical issues influence organizational activities and decisions.
  • Distinguish ways diverse workplace contexts affect organizational behavior and leadership.
  • Apply project management techniques to the completion of organizational initiatives.
  • Employ best practices for human resource management in organizations.
  • Apply quality, project, and change management principles for continuous improvement.
  • Interpret how leadership theories, styles, and processes impact organizations.
  • Apply techniques for effective communication in a variety of workplace contexts.
  • Design research studies to identify a problem, define a research purpose, create a research question or hypothesis, collect, analyze and interpret that data, and arrive at reasoned conclusions to influence organizational decision making.


Bachelor of Science: Organizational Leadership 

Organizational Leadership requires a total of 120 credit hours of department approved coursework. Students will complete the required IUPUI General Education Core, 46.0 credit hours of OLS-specific courses including the 25.0 credit hours OLS Core Curriculum (10000, 25200, 26300, 27400, 32700, 37100,38300, 38500, 39000, 48700, and a senior capstone course); and an additional 15.0 credit hours or more of OL Pathway electives; a minimum of 24.0 credits of non-OLS coursework in an approved minor, certificate, applied technology, or career-focused area of study; TECH 10200 or a similar learning seminar, TCM 25000 or similar career planning course; 3.0 credit hours of business, technical, or professional writing; TCM 32000; and 18.0 credits of other approved electives.

Admission to Organizational Leadership

Students who are admitted to IUPUI and who meet program prerequisites listed below must apply for admission to the Organizational Leadership major online by August 1 (fall applications) or December 15 (spring applications).  Acceptance into the department is competitive and is based on academic qualifications and space available.  For additional program and graduation requirements, visit the https:et.iupui.edu/departments/tlc/programs/ols/undergrad/bsols/.

Minimum Requirements for OL Admission include:

  • Admission to IUPUI in good standing (Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher)
  • 3.0 credits of Analytical Reasoning List A (C- or higher)
  • 3.0 credits of ENG-W 131 or equivalent (C- or higher)
  • 3.0 credits of COMM-R 110 or equivalent (C- or higher)
  • 32.0 (or more) credit hours remaining to fulfill OL BS degree requirements

First-time college and transfer students must complete OLS 10000 Introduction to Organizational Leadership in their first semester at IUPUI.  Students must be admitted to the School of Engineering and Technology prior to enrollment in OLS 39000.

Transfer Students

Where applicable, OL accepts credit hours earned at Ivy Tech, Vincennes University or other similarly accredited colleges and universities to satisfy up to 64.0 credit hours of general education core and selective B.S. degree requirements.  To be considered for use towards OL B.S. course requirements, all transfer credit requires a minimum grade of C or higher.

Organizational Leadership 5-year B.S./M.S. Program

The OL 5-year B.S./M.S. Program provides academically successful students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in five years.  Students with a 3.2 overall GPA may apply to the accelerated BS/MS in their junior year.  Students will complete the first three years of undergraduate degree requirements (about 90 credit hours), take both undergraduate and graduate courses in the fourth year (about 30 additional credit hours), and finish the master's degree graduate courses in the fifth year of study (at least 141 credit hours).  Students must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in all graduate courses.  The timeline for completion is based on full-time enrollment (15 or more credit hours per semester); however, part-time students are eligible to apply.  Students may apply for the bachelor's degree prior to completing the graduate degree requirements.

To apply for the combined degree program, interested students should submit the online OL 4+1 application in the spring term of their junior year.  Full admission to the M.S. program is contingent upon successful completion of OL B.S. program and meeting minimum grade and GPA requirements.

Human Resource Management Certificate

The Certificate in Human Resource Management requires 18 credit hours.  Students will complete 9 credits of specific OLS courses and 9 credits of elective courses.  This certificate provides a thorough explanation of the human resource professional's role in helping individuals, work groups, and organizations succeed.  This Program is open to students in any undergraduate student admitted to IUPUI.  Courses are available fully online or on campus.

Required Courses: complete 9 credits with a grade of C- or higher

  • OLS 38300 Human Resource Management - 3 credit hours
  • OLS 36800 Employment Law - 3 credit hours
  • OLS 47900 Staffing Organizations - 3 credit hours

Selective Courses:  complete 9 credits with a grade of C- or higher

  • OLS 33100 Occupational Safety and Health - 3 credit hours
  • OLS 34400 Employee Benefits - 2 credit hours
  • OLS 34800 HR Analytics - 1 credit hour
  • OLS 37500 Training Methods - 3 credit hours
  • OLS 37800 Labor Relations - 3 credit hours
  • OLS 40800 Employee Relations - 1 credit hour
  • OLS 47600 Compensation Planning and Management - 3 credit hours

International Leadership Certificate

The International Leadership Certificate requires 18 credit hours and an international experience or study abroad.  This interdisciplinary certificate is designed to provide the knowledge skills, abilities, perceptions, and experiential learning opportunities appropriate for any student interested in supervising or leading individuals from different countries or preparing for international workassignments.  To learn more about course options, visit the International Leadership Certificate website.

Leadership Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Leadership Studies requires18 credit hours.  This certificate equips students with the knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, perspectives, and tools necessary to understand the broad-based concepts associated with leadership in a variety of individual, organizational, and community settings in an ever changing, pluralistic, global society.  To view all requirements, visit the Leadership Studies Certificate website.

Honors Minor in Leadership

The Honors Minorin Leadership requires 15 credit hours.  This minor is open to high-potential IUPUI undergraduates with a cummulative GPA of 3.2 or higher admitted to the IUPUI Honors College or other campus honors programs.  Students admitted to the Honors Minor must take a sequence of interdisciplinary courses to explore diverse leadership principles and practices.  Student must declare intent to pursue the certificate through the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication.  To learn more, visit the Honors Minor in Leadership website.

For more information about OL undergraduate programs, call (317)278-1313 or email TLCgroup@iupui.edu.