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 C. Feldhaus, Professor of Organizational Leadership
OL Undergraduate Programs: E. Wager, Lecturer
Assistant Professosr of STEM Education Research: B. Sorge
TCM Undergraduate Programs: C. Renguette, Associate Professor of Technical Communication
TLC Graduate Programs: M. Hovde, Associate Professor of Technical Communication, Chair; B. Sorge, Assistant Professor of STEM Education Research, Co-Chair

The Department of Technology Leadership and Communication (TLC) equips today's students with leadership and communication knowledge, skills, and perspectives to augment their technical and professional  expertise to contribute to organizational success in a variety of settings.  Our degrees and certificates in Organizational Leadership (OL) and Technical Communication (TCM) offer students a well-rounded education that connects theory with practice.

TLC's faculty and staff are committed to student success.  Our values as espoused in the TLC Department Strategic Plan 2018-2023 include:

  • Excellence: Academic excellence is our top priority. We pursue excellence in learning, teaching, research and creative activities, and civic engagement as the highest indicators of successful achievement.
  • Competition: Competition enhances innovation. We strive to compete at the highest levels in the pursuit of extramural support for our students, as well as for our research and creative activities. 
  • Collaboration: We promote teamwork and partnerships for solving problems and disseminating and transferring knowledge, thus multiplying our accomplishments. 
  • Diversity: We value diversity in all of its forms in our research, curricula, and pedagogy and in our faculty, staff, and student composition. 
  • Leadership: We encourage and reward effective leadership at every level within TLC. 
  • Location: We are fortunate enough to be located in the vibrant city of Indianapolis and we strive to capitalize on the urban setting to address the challenges of a global society.
  • Professionalism: We foster and reward high standards of collegiality and integrity. 
  • Responsiveness:  We are committed to community and professional service to meet the needs of our stakeholders. 
  • Improvement: We strive to continuously improve the implementation of our mission through efficient assessment and evaluation processes.
  • Identity: We take pride in the Purdue University and Indiana University affiliations while striving to advance the TLC, E&T, and IUPUI identity, image, and reputation.
  • Internationalization: We value the development of intercultural competence, embracing and implementing values and principles associated with social responsibility and cultural competence, and cross-cultural knowledge, skills, and abilities.