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Master of Science in Nursing

Curriculum Design

Minimum completion time for the master’s degree program is five semesters. The pattern and duration for the individual student is determined in consultation with the student’s faculty coordinator.

All majors include the following areas of study:

  1. Core Courses. General requirements for all majors:
  • 3 credit graduate statistics course; 500-level, faculty-approved course; NURS-R 505 is preferred.
  • 3 credit course each in nursing theory, nursing leadership for advanced practice nursing, and research methodology for a total of 9 credits.

      2. Additional Core Courses. Requirements for Nursing Education, CNS, and NP majors:

  • stand alone courses in advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, and advanced physical assessment for a total of 10 credits.  

      3. Courses in the Nursing Major. Between 17 and 21 credit hours in specialty courses from the major department.

        4. Focus Area Courses. These are required for some majors and requirements vary from 3-6 credit hours of electives chosen by the student in consultation with their MSN Coordinator.


Last updated April 2019