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Students should consult with their academic advisors for appropriate courses and semester sequence in order to complete prerequisites. Prerequisites may be taken at any accredited college or university. Correspondence courses will not be accepted for any of the prerequisite course work. 

Written Communication, One Course:
---English Composition

3 cr.
Verbal Communication, One Course:
---Speech Communication
3 cr.
College Mathematics 3 cr.
Psychology 3 cr.
Social Problems 3 cr.
Human Biology I/II or Human Anatomy* 6 cr.

*Entering students are strongly recommended to complete the Human Biology I/II labs, but those are not required.  The program suggests that students seeking admission to post-baccalaureate professional degrees within the health programs strongly consider taking the full human anatomy and human physiology sequence.

EMT-Basic Requirement/Patient Care Activity In addition to the above prerequisites, each applicant must currently be certified in Indiana as an EMT and have a minimum of 20 hours of patient care activity as an EMT in the patient care area of an ambulance.

The above credential can be achieved by enrolling in EMER-E 201 (6 cr.).  Students needing to take this course to get the proper credential should work with their academic advisor on an adjusted suggested plan of study.

Suggested Plan of Study (EMT–Basic Certification Complete)

Fall Credits
Human Biology I or Human Anatomy  3.0
Elementary Composition or Speech Communication 3.0
College Mathematics (Course from Approved List) 3.0
Introduction to Psychology 3.0
Total 12.0
Spring Credits
Human Biology II or Human Physiology 3.0
Speech Communication or Elementary Composition 3.0
Social Problems 3.0
Total 9.0**

**Students are encouraged to complete additional General Education Core requirements that will help them towards completion of a baccalaureate degree.

Updated: April 2021