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Advanced Standing

Below are the steps that a student must meet to be considered for admission to the advanced standing option:

Special Credit Credit by credential and experience can be awarded for holders of the EMT-Paramedic credential.  

EMER-E 297 – EMT P National Registry (26.0 credit hours)
EMER-E 298 – Paramedic Certificate Clinical Experience (15.0 credit hours)

NOTE: There is a small per credit hour fee assessed when the program awards the special credit for the senior-level clinic courses.  The current rate is $20 per hour up to a maximum of $100 per course.   Special credit cannot be awarded unless a student is currently enrolled.  The program has an independent study option (EMER-E 299) that may be considered to meet this requirement.

Program Requirements The Paramedic Science Program has 21.0 credit hours of coursework that needs completed to be eligible for the associate degree.  

Residency at Indiana University In order to receive the associate degree students must complete 30 undergraduate credit hours of program or program-related course work in residence at an Indiana University campus.  This may require students to take additional courses beyond the program requirements at an Indiana University campus.  Special credit awarded by any program's credit for credential or credit by experience cannot be used towards the thirty (30) credit hour minimum.

Program Admission Students considering this advanced standing option must also complete the IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs application process. 

For details on special credit, program requirements and program admission please call (317) 278-4752 or email askhpp@iupui.edu.    

Updated: April 2021