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Adding the BFA degree certifies students to teach art P-12 and provides a strong studio foundation. The BFA requires more than 30 additional hours in studio/history. Students wishing to pursue the double major should consult with both advisors for the BFA and BAE each semester. Electives in one degree may be met by fulfilling requirements in the other degree; advisors can counsel on the most efficient path for completion of the program. The double major takes five and one half years to complete, including summer school. Students must successfully pass both portfolio reviews (Art Education and Fine Arts Reviews).

  • Admission into the Art Education Program

  • Maintain a 2.8 GPA at all times and no lower than a C in all methods courses

  • Pass the Sophomore Review into the Art Education Program in the fall semester of the sophomore year

  • Admission into the Teacher Education Program

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8

  • Complete formal application to the Teacher Education Program by February 1 of the sophomore year. This online application can be accessed through the IUPUI School of Education website; select the All Grade application option

Timeline Requirements

Freshman Year
  • Obtain and read both the Herron and School of Education sections of the IUPUI Campus Bulletin concerning Art Education programs and student teaching for students in all grades. Planning your academic progress in this school is your responsibility. Please meet with your advisors prior to registration each semester to be sure all your requirements are being fulfilled

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all major area courses and professional education courses, and a 2.0 in Speech COMM-R 110, English, and Composition ENG-W 131

Sophomore Year

(completion of at least 36 hours of course work)

  • Attend Herron orientation session in late Fall

  • Prepare a portfolio of work, submit artist statement on Oncourse, and sign-up for the sophomore review session in late fall

  • Complete formal application online to School of Education February 1 after acceptance into the Art Education Program

  • Upon acceptance into the Teacher Education Program, sign up and attend the School of Education orientation program

Junior Year

(completion of at least 56 hours of course work)

  • Register for student teaching in the fall ONE FULL ACADEMIC YEAR PRIOR to the academic year in which you plan to student teach. Failure to register in time will detain student teaching for one full year, no exceptions. Consult the section on student teaching for All-Grade Education (P-12 license) in the School of Education section of the IUPUI Campus Bulletin or website  
  • Register online for the P-12 Development Pedagogy Test and the Content Area Assessment (Art Education) at the Indiana Core Assessments website (http://www.in.nesinc.com/) the summer prior to student teaching. Results from this exam take several months to receive and can delay hiring. Teachers cannot be hired in Indiana without proof of passing test scores on this exam. Study guides are available at the website.
Senior Year

(completion of at least 86 hours of course work)

  • Apply for the BAE degree in the Herron Office of Student Services by October 15 of the academic year in which you plan to graduate.

  • If you plan on teaching in Indiana, apply online for a teaching certificate to the Indiana Licensing Verification and Information System. The application process is clearly identified on the School of Education homepage under Licensing. Students are responsible for understanding all requirements for graduation and for completing them by the time they expect to graduate. Please call the Education Student Services Office for more information about the School of Education programs and keep in close contact with your Art Education advisor.

Last updated: April 2021