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Course Descriptions

Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • PHAR-F 605 Principles of Pharmacology I (4 cr.) P: P531-P532 or consent of instructor. Basic principles and clinical aspects of modern pharmacology presented in lectures. Physicochemical properties of drugs. Drugs that affect the autonomic nervous system. Drugs that act on cardiovascular and renal systems. Chemotherapy of cancer, infections, and parasites.
  • PHAR-F 624 Medical Pharmacology (6 cr.) In this course, the drugs are classified as to site and mechanism of action and representative members of each class of drugs are discussed. The emphasis is on rational clinical uses.
  • PHAR-F 664 Pharmacology (6 cr.) Comprehensive lectures, discussions, reviews, and laboratories with emphasis on the principles of drug action. Representative members of the most important groups of drugs are discussed in detail with regard to sites and mechanisms of action, and ‘‘dry’’ laboratories are designed to involve the student in various types of pharmacological problem-solving skills.
  • PHAR-F 684 Pharmacology - FWCME (6 cr.) Pathology of the organ systems will be presented by lectures, laboratory exercises, case studies, and pathology/medicine conferences. Etiologies, morphologic, physiologic changes will be noted; course coverage will be correlated with the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course as much as possible.
  • PHAR-F 840 Advanced Pharmacology and Toxicology (3 cr.) Advanced studies of pharmacodynamic mechanisms in cardiovascular, central nervous system, and renal pharmacology and toxicology. Experimental design related to recent advances and current hypotheses concerning drug action and toxicity.
  • PHAR-G 901 Advanced Research (6 cr.)