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Course Descriptions

Medical Genetics
  • MGEN-G  788 Next Generation Sequencing (3 cr.)
  • MGEN-Q 603 Medical Genetics (2 cr.) A comprehensive course in human genetics emphasizing the principles of genetics and their application to clinical medicine through the family history, clinical findings, and laboratory studies. Examples of specific problems, their evaluation, and genetic counseling will be used to supplement didactic material. Designed to develop proficiency for Competency III “Using Science to Guide Diagnosis, Management, Therapeutics, and Prevention,” Competency VIII “Problem Solving,” Level 1.
  • MGEN-Q 640 Special Topics in Human Genetics (1-3 cr.) P: Basic genetics. A continuing, nonrepeating series of lectures and/or review of publications on newer advances in human genetics; discussions in specific areas of human genetics not presently available to all students. Additional credits may be obtained by study of a specific area under individual tutelage.
  • MGEN-Q 682 Medical Genetics - FWCME (2 cr.) This lecture course covers probability, population genetics, inheritance, metabolic diseases, hemoglobinopathies, genetic diagnosis, and counseling.