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Paralegal Studies (POLS)
  • POLS-Y 211 Introduction to Law (3 cr.) An introduction to law as an aspect of government and politics, and as a means for dealing with major social problems. Students will study legal reasoning, procedures, and materials, and may compare other nations’ legal systems. The course usually includes a moot court or other forms of simulation. 
  • POLS-Y 221 Legal Research and Writing for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211. Development of research and communication skills special to the area of law. Includes methods of organizing and conducting legal research, resources available for legal research, presentation of findings in memoranda and briefs, other forms of legal writing. 
  • POLS-Y 222 Litigation for Paralegal Studies I (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course examines the processing of a case from initial client interviews to final disposition. It includes drafting of complaints, answers, counterclaims, interrogatories and other discovery tools, gathering of evidence, and motions and judgments. Both Indiana and federal rules of evidence are emphasized. 
  • POLS-Y 223 Litigation for Paralegal Studies II (3 cr.) P: Y211, Y221, and Y222. This elective course in advanced litigation focuses primarily on aspects of trial preparation not covered in depth in Y222. Topics may include jury selection, witness preparation and examination, preparation of evidence for use at trial, jury instructions, post-judgment relief. 
  • POLS-P 324 Property Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course examines the legal rules governing various types of property and the ways in which human beings relate to property. Types of property include real and personal; relationships to property include both ownership and interest. Emphasis is placed on forms and procedures used in Indiana. 
  • POLS-P 325 Contract Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course includes the basic elements and principles involved in the drafting, interpretation, and enforcement of contracts, including current trends in contract law in Indiana. Includes Uniform Commercial Code. 
  • POLS-P 326 Tort Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course reviews current law and recent trends in negligence and liability. Different dimensions of liability are covered. Emphasis on conduct of a tort case from initiation through relief, and on the responsibilities of legal assistants therein. 
  • POLS-P 327 Criminal Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This in-depth review of criminal law in Indiana covers the Indiana Criminal Code—infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. The course emphasizes real situations that legal professionals encounter throughout the process. 
  • POLS-P 328 Family Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course examines legal rules and procedures concerning domestic relations. Topics covered include separation and divorce, adoption, child custody and support, and other areas of domestic relations in Indiana. 
  • POLS-P 329 Estate Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course reviews legal rules and procedures concerning the transfer of property upon the owner’s demise. Provides a practical approach to the language, procedures, forms, interpretation, and administration of wills and trusts. Emphasis on current trends in Indiana and federal law. PUL=4
  • POLS-P 330 Bankruptcy Law for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. Understanding of the basic substance of consumer bankruptcy law and the process that debtors and creditors must use for discharge or recovery of debts. Particular focus is on the role of the legal assistant in aiding clients and counsel in these cases. 
  • POLS-P 431 Advanced Legal Writing for Paralegal Studies (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course builds upon legal skills learned in Legal Research and Writing, POLS Y221 and will focus on the major forms of legal writing as well as finding, reading, analyzing and applying the law. This course is comprised of assigned readings, lectures, library and computer research time and your own independent research and writing.  Classroom time will be comprised of class discussion and group work in a seminar format.  Students will also reflect on past paralegal assignments and create a portfolio of paralegal work. 
  • POLS-Y 232 Professional Responsibility for Paralegals (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221. This course is a concentrated study of legal ethics from the perspective of the paralegal. It covers the study of ethical situations, rules and model codes of the paralegal profession, conflict of interest, client confidentiality, and other ethical dilemmas. The course presents a concrete, practical approach to the ethical challenges for paralegals. 
  • POLS-P 333 Business Associations for Paralegals (3 cr.) P: Y211 and Y221.Introduction to various business entities, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and other entities. Drafting partnership agreements and incorporation documents. Introduction to tax considerations and the Securities and Exchange Commission. 
  • POLS-Y 485 Field Experience in Paralegal Studies (1-5 cr.) A course that allows paralegal stduents to enroll in a legal intesnhip for credit. Students will work with various employers and agencies.