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Other special school or program requirements, including graduation policies

Currency of Professional Education Courses
Professional education courses must be current in order to be acceptable in undergraduate certification programs. No professional education or technology courses can be more than 10 years old at the time of student teaching. Course work that is older, whether taken at IUPUI or another university, will need to be retaken. The student should consult with a School of Education academic advisor.

Graduates should apply for their teaching license upon completion of their program. Delays in applying for initial licensure may result in graduates needing to retake portions of the program as the state requirments for licensure constantly change.

Campus Residency Requirement
A student must complete at least 30 of the last 60 credit hours required for a specific degree program while in residence at IUPUI. These 30 credit hours will include methods courses in the major as well as student teaching. For students who are completing a first undergraduate degree, some work in the major must also be completed at IUPUI, unless the student has transferred from an IU campus offering a degree in that major.

Temporary and Permanent Intercampus Transfers
To register for a single semester or for the summer session(s) at another campus of Indiana University, or to transfer on a permanent basis, a student must complete the appropriate intercampus transfer form found on the Web by visiting http://www.iupui.edu/~moveiu/   or https://admissions.iupui.edu/apply/transfer/index.html

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Courses
Undergraduate students may not enroll in graduate courses.

The School of Education requires a minimum of 120 credit hours to qualify for graduation, determined by specific degree requirements. Some programs require additional hours for graduation. Consult a School of Education academic advisor for specific requirements.

Students should file an application for a Bachelor of Science degree in the School of Education at the beginning of their final semester of classes or at the beginning of their senior year. The application for graduation is available at https://education.iupui.edu/machform/view.php?id=22322 . Application for a degree is a student responsibility, and the School of Education will not be responsible for the graduation of students who fail to file an application.

Degree with Honors
The School of Education recognizes high cumulative grade point averages with the designations Distinction,High Distinction, and Highest Distinction. To earn a degree with honors, must be in the top 10 percent of the class and must complete at least 60 hours at Indiana University campuses. Since only the top 10 percent of students from the School of Education may receive honors, students with high GPAs are not guaranteed this designation.

Application for Licensure
Students should file an Indiana State Application for a Teaching License once the degree is posted to the transcript, or all grades are posted for certification-only programs. The application requires evidence of passing scores for all state licensure exams as well as proof of successfully completing training for CPR-Heimlich Maneuver-AED certification and Suicide Prevention.

Information about exams can be obtained at Education Student Services or through the Indiana Department of Education website (www.state.in.us/psb). Students taking state licensure tests after September 1, 2013, must take new content tests offered by Pearson. Those students having already taken the ETS PRAXIS II series tests before September 1, 2013 may use them for licensure, but PRAXIS II tests taken after September 1, 2013 will not be accepted by the state.