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Entering students with strong academic credentials who indicate education as their choice among academic programs may be dually admitted to University College and the School of Education. Students admitted to University College who subsequently make a decision to pursue an education degree or complete a program leading to an initial teaching license may transfer to the School of Education when they attain a minimum 2.50 overall grade point average (GPA) with at least 12 hours of coursework.

Education majors transferring to IUPUI from other colleges and universities may be dually admitted to the University College and the School of Education if their GPA is 2.50 or better, or admitted to University College if they have not yet achieved a 2.50 overall GPA. Students must attain a 2.50 overall GPA to be admitted to the School of Education.

It is important to note that admission to the School of Education does not guarantee admission to an IUPUI Teacher Education Program. Application to teacher education programs is a separate process that typically occurs during the second semester of the sophomore year (or during the semester prior to beginning the professional education component of the licensure program).