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Certificate Programs
Social Entrepreneurship

With the Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, Kelley MBA students can put their business know-how to work solving global problems— from building clean water supplies to improving opportunities in emerging economies. This is a cooperative program between the Kelley School of Business and SPEA.

The certificate takes 18 credit hours of coursework—six of which are required courses. Of the remaining 12 credit hours, Kelley students must take at least three credit hours through SPEA.

This certificate also requires participation in Kelley's GLOBASE (Global Business and Social Enterprise Program) or a qualifying internship in social entrepreneurship with a business, nonprofit or public agency.

Interested students should talk to their academic advisor about pursuing this certificate before January of their first year.

Certificate Requirements (18 credit hours)
Required Courses (9 credit hours)

EACH of the following courses:

  • SPEA-V 559 Principles and Practices of Social Entrepreneurship (3 cr.)
  • BUS-W 508 Social Entrepreneurship (3 cr.)
  • BUS-W 510 Sustainability (3 cr.)
Electives (9 credit hours)*

SPEA Electives

  • SPEA-V502: Public Management
  • SPEA-V510: Government Regulation in Market Economies
  • SPEA-V516: Public Management Information Systems   
  • SPEA-V519: Database Management Systems
  • SPEA-V521: The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
  • SPEA-V522: Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations
  • SPEA-V525: Management in the Nonprofit Sector
  • SPEA-V526: Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • SPEA-V539: Management Science for Public Affairs
  • SPEA-V541: Benefit and Cost Analysis for Public and Environmental Affairs
  • SPEA-V542: Government Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • SPEA-V558: Fund Development for Nonprofits
  • SPEA-V560: Public Finance and Budgeting
  • SPEA-V561: Public Human Resource Management
  • SPEA-V562: Public Program Evaluation
  • SPEA-V568: Management of Urban Government Services
  • SPEA-V602: Strategic Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • SPEA-V622: Urban Economic Development

Kelley Electives

  • BUS-A545 Introduction to Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation
  • BUS-F517 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance
  • BUS-J501 Developing Strategic Capabilities
  • BUS-W574 Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • BUS-M512 Marketing Strategy
  • BUS-M594 Global Marketing Management
  • BUS-P552 Project Management
  • BUS-P561 Supply Chain Management and Technologies
  • BUS-W504 New Venture Business Planning
  • BUS-W506 Entrepreneurship: Leadership and Practice
  • BUS-W511 Venture Strategy   
  • BUS-W532 Organization Design Alternatives
  • BUS-X574 GLOBASE: Business Leadership/Social Outreach
  • BUS-X577 Strategic Client Project Practicum GLOBASE Leadership Team