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Academic Procedures & Requirements

Below is a select list of key student processes and requirements.  For a comprehensive list of all School of Nursing policy, including detailed information and procedures, please reference IUSON policy found in the IUSON Box site for policy https://iu.box.com/iuson-policies.

Completion of Degree Requirements

The School of Nursing must receive notices of removal of Incomplete and Deferred grades, special credit grades, and independent study course grades no later than three weeks before the end of classes in the student's last semester prior to graduation.

Professional Liability Insurance

Indiana University provides liability insurance to each nursing student while in the clinical setting, provided that the student is enrolled in clinical course work. Students not enrolled in clinical courses are not covered by liability insurance and will not be allowed into the clinical setting.  Students who are employed in a health care facility should check with their employer regarding liability insurance requirements. IU School of Nursing does not cover students beyond the classroom and/or clinical settings.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory and students are expected to demonstrate insurance coverage upon entrance to the program and continued coverage throughout the program (For more details, see Policy AFS-08).

Criminal Background Checks

Students currently enrolled in the IU School of Nursing will be required to submit a national criminal background check upon admission and will be required to renew it annually. It is the responsibility of each applicant and student to pay the fee for the screening directly to Castle Branch-Certified Profile. Each year, students will be required to submit their request for an updated national criminal background check report (For more details, see Policy AFS-35).

Deadlines for renewal:

  • Spring admits will be required to submit annually an updated criminal background recheck by November 15th of the following year.

  • Fall admits will be required to submit annually an updated criminal background recheck by August 1st of the following year.

  • Summer admits will be required to submit annually an updated criminal background recheck by April 15th of the following year.

An updated national criminal background check will also be required for any student being readmitted or transferring to the program.

CPR Requirements

Current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is required. Students must be certified through an approved course or instructor. The approved courses are American Red Cross Professional Rescuer and American Heart Association Health Care Provider. The School of Nursing Office of Student Services office may offer a CPR course. CPR training must include:

  • Infant

  • Child

  • Adult

  • Individual rescue

  • Two-person rescue

  • Automated external defibrillation

Current CPR certification must be maintained throughout the student’s entire nursing program. Evidence of certification must be filed with your campus’ School of Nursing prior to beginning the clinical experiences. Students must also file evidence of re-certification prior to entering the second year of the major. Students must have current CPR certification on file in order to participate in clinical settings.

Immunizations and Other Health Requirements

Immunizations are required to protect both students and patients. Additionally, clinical agencies and the School of Nursing also require additional immunizations, trainings, and/or screenings. Evidence of receipt of all immunization requirements should be in the form of a signed statement from the healthcare provider or copy of titer results from an approved provider. Students who do not have proof of all required immunizations will be administratively withdrawn from all nursing classes. Please contact  the Center for Academic Affairs for a complete and current list of the required immunizations (all immunizations, trainings, and screenings are at the student's expense).  For more details, see Policy AFS-03.

Drug Screening

Students currently enrolled in the IU School of Nursing will be required to complete a drug screen upon admission and will be required to renew it annually. It is the responsibility of each applicant and student to pay the fee for the screening directly to the IUSON approved vendor. Please contact the Center for Academic Affairs for detailed information about scheduling a screening.

Students may be asked to submit to random drug screens anytime throughout their program in compliance with contract requirements of clinical agencies where students are placed. Positive drug screens may prevent a student from participating in clinical learning experiences. Lack of participation could constitute course failure and potential for dismissal from the program.

Students with Disabilities

To facilitate the success and adaptation of undergraduate students in the School of Nursing with disabilities, the School of Nursing conforms to the applicable federal, state and university policies, regulations and definitions regarding students with disabilities. These include providing services that comply with external and internal policies and laws to qualified students through Adaptive Educational Services, providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids for students with disabilities upon a timely request from the student; upholding academic standards in the context of these policies and services; assisting qualified students with disabilities by  providing auxiliary aids  and obtaining reasonable accommodations including modifications of programs and courses that do not fundamentally alter the essential nature of the program, through collaborative efforts with AES and academic and service units of IUPUI; and maintaining legally appropriate confidentiality for students with disabilities except where permitted by law. For more details, see Policy AFS-11.

Students with physical, mental, or learning impairments are encouraged to consult with counselors from the Adaptive Educational Services for assistance in meeting degree requirements. Students with disabilities must meet all academic and technical skill requirements of their program. Programs for academically disadvantaged students are available on all IU campuses.

Special Expenses

Students at the School of Nursing can expect to have special expenses as they progress through the BSN program. Expenses can include but are not limited to:

  • Clinical and/or lab supplies

  • Clinical fees; certain courses at the School of Nursing are assessed clinical fees in addition to credit hour charges

  • Uniform; All undergraduate nursing students must purchase designated uniform/IUSON polo/scrubs and wear it, along with appropriate identification, while in clinical settings as required. Registered nurse students may wear a professional uniform appropriate to the clinical setting. Students not appropriately attired will be asked by their instructor to leave the clinical area

  • Assessment Test fees associated with BSN application, and as required at any time during the program

  • Integrated Testing fees

  • Programmatic expenses, such as annual criminal background check fees, computing expenses, and immunization costs

  • IP Education Fees

Technology and Information

School of Nursing students must be able to send and receive e-mail, and send and receive attachments. They should be comfortable using a Web browser to access Canvas, the University's learning management system, and to navigate the course environment and use the tools included in their courses. Students should use appropriate Internet etiquette in online communications. They should be able to search for and access nursing-related materials on the Web, and to return to those sites later by using stored Web addresses. Students should be able to competently use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to create and appropriately format written assignments and basic presentations. They should be able to differentiate between scholarly and popular sources of information on the Web and to evaluate sources for general reliability and trustworthiness. To update skills, students have many opportunities for both classroom and online learning sources through the University Information Technology (UITS) IT Training.

Students participating in Web-based courses and/or those using videoconferencing should have consistent access to computers with appropriately configured software and reliable Internet access at sufficient speeds (see https://kb.iu.edu/d/antk for specific information). The University officially supports both Macintosh and Windows based computers, but some software is not available for Macintosh computers. Students can download applications by logging in with their IU Network ID and password to https://iuanyware.iu.edu/vpn/index.html.  Students are expected to install and maintain up-to-date virus detection software to prevent spreading harmful viruses and malware to faculty and other students when sharing files.

Use of Social Media

IUSON faculty, staff, and students must adhere to the IU and IUSON policies and procedures and HIPAA obligations related to patient privacy, confidentiality and code of conduct at all times when using the Internet and social media sites. IUSON policies toward the use of social media are guided by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. In the event that a violation of the social networking policy has occurred, the student’s case will be handled according to the IUSON process for dealing with academic misconduct as outlined in the IUPUI Bulletin and IU Code of Student, Ethics Rights and Responsibilities. Students who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary actions which may lead to dismissal from the program. For more details, please see Policy AFS-10.

Formal Communication

The School of Nursing recognizes students' Indiana University e-mail address as the only official means of formal communication via e-mail with students. All students are required to have Indiana University e-mail account.


Clinical practice learning experiences are varied in setting and are located within the the communities and counties surrounding the Core Campuses of IUPUI, IU Bloomington and IU Fort Wayne. Students are expected to travel to and from all clinical experiences, are responsible for providing their own transportation, and are expected to carry the appropriate insurance. The School of Nursing is not liable for any traffic violations or auto accidents that occur during student commutes.

Last updated April 2018