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Health Information Management and Exchange

Student Consumer Information about this Program

The primary intent of this certificate training program is to produce skilled participants able to improve health care delivery through the timely collection, management, retrieval, exchange and analysis of electronic health information.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will

  • Achieve a fundamental level of understanding of secure biomedical information management and exchange
  • Possess an advanced level of proficiency with respect to coding, classification and medical terminologies
  • Achieve an advanced level of proficiency with respect to data management, data quality and data exchange.
  • Be competitive for careers like “EHR Implementation Analyst” within health care and public health organizations

The Health Information Management and Exchange Specialist program is designed for post-baccalaureate graduates in healthcare degree programs who desire specialized training in information systems, storage and retrieval.

This 18 credit hour program includes five courses and mentored practicum to be completed within one year.

Core Curriculum Mentored Practicum

The mentored practicum provides the opportunity to synthesize the coursework and demonstrate competency in the role of an EHR Implementation Analyst. Students will be able to demonstrate their comprehension, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities alongside faculty and staff in a real-world environment with a proven leader in health information exchange.