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Biomedical Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

Develop the skills to confidently explore Big Data and lead the way to intelligent, integrated health care. Analyzing biomedical research data is a key component of decision-making among health professionals today.

You’ll be prepared to conduct analytical research on this data, for use by patients, physicians, nurses and others, when you earn a Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Data Analytics from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Health care decisions are some of the most critical we will ever make. The biomedical data analyst plays an essential role in improving medical treatment, by data mining and integrating health records to reveal patterns that can be used to craft informed policy.

As the volume of data expands, so do the employment opportunities in biomedical analytics, both in genomics-driven data (genotyping, next-generation sequencing), and in payer-provider information (insurance, pharmacy, and electronic health records).

The rise of precision medicine, with therapies tailored to patients’ particular conditions, offers data analysts the chance to create new treatments for diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, and AIDS. You’ll graduate with the skills to integrate data from micro-level DNA, RNA, and proteins to macro-level population health.

Your degree from IUPUI can prepare you for positions such as: